People and Past 1

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​People and Past 1

In this lesson you will learn the names of some of the professions you will likely be dealing with during your travels to the Basque region.

Vocabulary People and Past 1

  • Erizain: Nurse
  • Gideri: Driver
  • Ikasle: Student
  • Mediku: Doctor
  • Polizia: Police officer
  • Tour gida: Tour guide
  • Turist: Tourist

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erizain nurse ['nurse1', 'nurse2', 'nurse3']
gidari driver ['driver1', 'driver2', 'driver3']
mediku doctor ['doctor1', 'doctor2', 'doctor3']
polizia police officer ['police1', 'police2', 'police3']
tour gida tour guide ['tourguide1', 'tourguide2', 'tourguide3']
turist tourist ['tourist1', 'tourist2', 'tourist3']


Barkatu. Nor da gidaria?
Excuse me. Who is the driver?
Excuse me. Who is a driver?
Hura autobus gidaria da.
Autobus gidaria da.
He is the bus driver.
She is the bus driver.
He is a bus driver.
She is a bus driver.
Barkatu. Nor da tour gida?
Excuse me. Who is the tour guide?
Excuse me. Who is a tour guide?
Arratsalde on. Ni tour gida naiz.
Arratsalde on. Tour gida naiz.
Good Afternoon. I am the tour guide.
Good Afternoon. I am a tour guide.
Haiek turistak dira.
Turistak dira.
They are tourists.
They are the tourists.
Kaixo. Ni ere erizaina naiz.
Kaixo. Ere erizaina naiz.
Hello. I am also a nurse.
Egun on. Zu al medikua zara?
Egun on. Al medikua zara?
Good Morning. Are you a doctor?
Good Morning. Are you the doctor?
Epa. Gu ikasleak gara.
Epa. Ikasleak gara.
Hi. We are students.
Hi. We're students.
Hi. We are the students.
Hi. We're the students.
Bai. Gu gidariak gara.
Bai. Gidariak gara.
Yes. We are drivers.
Yes. We are the drivers.
Yes. We're drivers.
Yes. We're the drivers.
Bai. Gu medikuak gara.
Bai. Medikuak gara.
Yes. We are doctors.
Yes. We are the doctors.
Yes. We're doctors.
Yes. We're the doctors.
Zuek turistak zarete.
Turistak zarete.
You are tourists.
You(plural) are tourists.
You'll are tourists.
Zuek al poliziak zarete?
Al poliziak zarete?
Are you(plural) police officers?
Are you'll police officers?
Are you police officers?
Are you(plural) the police officers?
Are you'll the police officers?
Are you the police officers?
Hura al polizia bat da?
Al polizia bat da?
Hura al polizia da?
Al polizia da?
Is he a police officer?
Is she a police officer?
Is he the police officer?
Is she the police officer?
Is he one police officer?
Is she one police officer?
Haiek erizainak edo medikuak dira?
Erizainak edo medikuak dira?
Are they nurses or doctors?
Are they the nurses or the doctors?


a ('-a',)
also ('ere',)
am ('naiz',)
are ('zara', 'gare', 'zarete')
bus ('autobus',)
doctor ('medikua',)
doctors ('medikuak',)
driver ('gidari',)
drivers ('gidariak',)
excuse ('Barkatu',)
guide ('gida',)
guides ('gidak',)
he ('hura',)
hello ('kaixo',)
hi ('epa',)
I ('ni',)
is ('da',)
it ('hura',)
me ('ni',)
nurse ('erizain',)
nurses ('erizainak',)
officer ('ofiziala',)
officers ('ofizialak',)
one ('bat',)
police ('polizia',)
she ('hura',)
students ('ikasleak',)
the ('-a',)
they ('haiek',)
tour ('tour',)
tourist ('turista',)
tourists ('turistak',)
we ('gu',)
who ('nor',)
yes ('bai',)
you ('zu',)
you(plural) ('zuek',)
al ('question_word',)
autobus ('bus',)
bai ('Yes',)
barkatu ('Excuse me',)
bat ('one',)
da ('is',)
dira ('are',)
ere ('also',)
erizaina ('nurse',)
erizainak ('nurses',)
epa ('hi',)
gara ('are',)
gidari ('driver',)
gidaria ('the driver',)
gidariak ('drivers',)
gu ('we',)
haiek ('they',)
hura ('he', 'she', 'it')
ingeniari ('engineer',)
ikasleak ('students',)
kaixo ('hello',)
mediku ('doctor',)
medikua ('the doctor',)
medikuak ('doctors',)
naiz ('am',)
ni ('I',)
nor ('who',)
polizia ('police officer',)
poliziak ('police officers',)
tour ('tour',)
gida ('guide',)
gidak ('guides',)
turist ('tourist',)
turista ('the tourist',)
turistak ('tourists',)
zara ('are',)
zarete ('are',)
zu ('you',)
zuek ('you(plural)',)