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Each skill can have an introduction in Markdown file. This skill does not have one yet, but it can be added as this (currently missing) file.


ratón mouse ['mouse1', 'mouse2', 'mouse3']
elefante elephant ['elephant1', 'elephant2', 'elephant3']
parque park ['park1', 'park2', 'park3']
el ratón the mouse ['mouse1', 'mouse2', 'mouse3']
el elefante the elephant ['elephant1', 'elephant2', 'elephant3']
el parque the park ['park1', 'park2', 'park3']


Cecilia es alta
Cecilia is tall
Max es alto
Max is tall
Yo soy viejo
I am old
Ella es vieja
Es vieja
Es viejo
She is old
Él es viejo
Es vieja
Es viejo
He is old
Yo soy grande
Soy grande
I am big
I'm big
Ella es grande
Es grande
She's big
She is big
Nosotros somos grandes
Somos grandes
We're big
We are big
Ellas son grandes
Son grandes
They are big
Ellos son pequeños
Son pequeños
They're small
They are small
Los gatos son pequeños
The cats are small
Los viejos comen carne
The old ones eat meat
The old eat meat
Max no es bajo
Max is not short
Max isn't short
El perro es pequeño y viejo
The dog is small and old
The dog's small and old
El parque es pequeño
The park is small
The park's small
El parque es grande
The park is big
The park's big
El ratón es pequeño
The mouse is small
The mouse's small
Los elefantes son grandes, los ratones son pequeños
The elephants are big, the mice are small
Elephants are big, mice are small
Los grandes ratones trabajan
The big mice work


tall ('alto', 'alta', 'altos', 'altas')
old ('viejo', 'vieja', 'viejos', 'viejas')
she's ('ella es', 'ella está')
we're ('somos', 'estamos')
they're ('son', 'ellos son', 'ellas son')
ones ('unos',)
meat ('carne',)
not ('no',)
short ('bajo', 'baja', 'corto', 'corta')
elephants ('elefantes',)
mice ('ratones',)
work ('trabajan', 'trabajo')
alta ('tall',)
alto ('tall',)
viejo ('old',)
vieja ('old',)
pequeños ('small',)
viejos ('old', 'old ones')
comen ('eat', 'they eat', 'you eat')
carne ('meat',)
no ('no',)
bajo ('short', 'low', 'below')
elefantes ('elephants',)
ratones ('mice',)
trabajan ('they work', 'you work')